Bob Kiefer - Mukluks

Member from 2003 to 2021

Championship in 2005

Inducted in November 2023

Mukluks ----- Mukluks

Snippet from KFL Cartel Document:
Director of Human Resources, Bob Kiefer.
Rugged looking handsome Marlboro Man character. Strong as an Ox. Distinctive laugh. Rumored to have a poison tipped knife hidden in his walking cane. Old school, not technology savvy. His weird 'Mukluk' nickname has yet to be deciphered. Bob handles the hiring of new Cartel members. He has a credo that once he hires a team member, he refuses to let them go even if they break a leg or arm. The 'inactive' team members are given 'IR' tats on their forehead as a lesson to the other team members to stay in line. Luckily for him, his deadwood gets automatically 'pruned' each year by new incoming team members. Based in Texas and travels by SUV or Pickup. Weakness is Cigars