KFL2023 Draft in Black Hawk Colorado

KFL2022 Draft in Hot Springs Arkansas

KFL2021 Draft in Las Vegas


2020 Social Unrest and NFL"Broke"-ness - KFL future in jeopardy!!!

Bob and Peggy Wedding!

Slam KFL Car !!!

Zoom Call (4-16-2020)

Ky boys cant rite vary goode so I make movie

KFL Cartel - Click on graphic to read the Intelligence Report!!

Hobnobbing with the KC Mafia at AFC Championship game!!

KFL2019 Draft in New Orleans

KFL2018 Draft in Dallas

DFW/Diamond CC Draft!

or...Hmmm? I think I know why Mark wanted that trophy so bad?

2016 30th anniversary Draft in Las Vegas!

or... The Mafia cut off 3 of Bill's Fingers!

or.. Is Ken always on his phone or what!?

Rare photo of Big Al doing the Macarana!
or... DFP1 photo bombing our picture? (look closely)

or.. Ken bought a Satue of Liberty Foam Finger!

2015 Draft in Biloxi, MS

Hard Rock Casino Pool Party!!!

Buffet Pictures!

2014 Draft in Black Hawk, CO

Golf Pictures!
Racoon Creek, Denver CO

2010 Draft in Albuquerque, NM

Golf Pictures!

Pushing Stewart's $%#@ Cart out of dead zone trap

University of New Mexico Golf

Norm "Good Pick Al!" Hitzges Showed up!!!!

First on-line draft pick was made....

Say... What exit is that Casino on???

2009 Draft in Biloxi, MS

Ken holding fingers up to signify 23 years strong!

The Draft!!

2006 Draft in Tunica, MS

Golf Pictures!

Say... Can I borrow some sunscreen Kilo??... Chuck O???

2005 Draft in New Orleans

Katrina Stormed Through!!

The Venerable KFL Trophy with Ken's Shoe Sole and Bob K.!

The Golf Tourney

The Mossy Trees

Bobby Brulet!

Mike and Ken!

2004 Draft in Vegas

The gang at Harrahs!

Piautte-165! (spelling!)

Let's have the draft on our balcony! What a view!

2003 Draft in Frisco

Pre golf

2002 Draft in Tunica

Post golf

Golf at sam Town's "Links" course

The Mojo Roulette System was working!

KFL 2001 Super Bowl party

The Cook Boys!

2001 Draft in Shreveport

2001 Draft in Shreveport

2000 Super Bowl Party

2000 Draft in Las Vegas (Da' boys by "the Kang")

98 Super Bowl party at Cook's

Sam, Paul, Kellie, and Jason 1998 SuperBowl Party

Little Winning Combo Kellie

Little Widowmaker Jason (With Ken) and Little Winning Combo Kellie (with Mark)

KFL Owners with Ken's Groom's Cake (Missing Thompson and Brown)

1992 KFL draft in Vegas

1996 KFL draft in Vegas

The infamous 1989 draft at Val's